Friday, 30 June 2017

6mm Epic Nurgle Goodness, latest project

My crack like addiction for 6mm models for use in Epic Armageddon continues this post with some pictures of my current W.I.P project A Nurgle Chaos Space Marine force.

I'm undecided on whether or not I'll be taking this army to Castle Assault this year so I've been fleshing out options and sourcing formations so that I can have a bit of variety in play testing in the lead up to the event.

So lets get stuck into what you're here for...

Base coats ... Base coats everywhere. Something different here I'm using Vallejo Surface Primer German Dark Yellow as a base for the whole army.

Gone ahead here and finished an Infantry stand and Rhino so I had a standard to work to

Washes are key for epic
Getting to work picking out details

Bunch of plague zombies stand ins base coated here

The next couple of photos show models I've pinched from the Warmachine range to use as Plague Towers as per NetEA Death Gaurd list. It's a bit of a stretch scale wise but i think i'm going to get away with it they're a good size for a 6DC war engine. Sourcing actual plague towers was proving pricey!

So far I'm having trouble writing half decent all comer lists with more than 1-2 of these chaps in there, but it'll be handy to have a third should i chose to up the cheese factor.

Now painting the infantry in formation lots, here I've picked out the weapons after a wash.

Supreme commander stand. Bit of a rush job but I'm happy with how its turned out so far.

Another shot of the rhinos for some reason

Completed rhino waiting for tufts

Lastly below are a couple of shots of a model I'm using for a great unclean one, Fun times painting this filthy bastard. Even though I haven't written a list yet with him in it. 

Well thanks for stopping by for another quick blog update. I'm looking forward to finishing this force I'm trying to source a few more models at the moment to get more variety into the list so let me know what you think so far.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Feral Ork Project Complete!

Hi Team,

I've been smashed with work over the last few months so unfortunately I haven't kept on top of the blog, I have kept record of what hobby I have done over the last few months however.
I Certainly intend to get back to regular posting and bring you guys up to speed with my current projects and everything in between

So as per my last post, I was working on and eventually completed my Feral orks for Heavy Bolter 2017 (An Epic Armageddon 3k tournament in Victoria, Australia)

Here's some pics for work in progress and some photos of the completed force.

Microworld games really nailed these 6mm fantasy boar boys that were perfect for Boarboyz formations as sourcing GW's plastics can be frustrating / expensive considering I'd need so many...

I decided on 2 models to a base (using MDF cut to 20mmx40mm) as I felt 3 was too crowded for me and I think I just got away with it...

6 of the 8 formations of 5 units I ended up building.

The first test of what I was aiming for on the boarboyz before production and batch painting begins.

Casually interrupted by some idiot burning toast in my building..
Supa Stompas / Steam Gargants  hit the production lines

Completed army, based and varnished.
I borrowed half finished orks from my Warhorde orks list, unfortunately I dont have any W.I.P of them, but they basically required some finishing touches and then a lot of basing.

Thanks to JB for the 3 photos above of the army on display at the event

I was extremely humbled and a bit surprised to pick up "the artist" trophy at the event for best painted force picked by the attendees.
I was hard pressed to fault the armies there as there were some really great examples and a lot of effort went into all the armies there, really putting Epic Armageddon, that "dead" game on display.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Feral Orks for Heavy Bolter 2017

G'day guys,

Here's a quick update of what I have been working on for the last hour or so this afternoon. My next project which really is just adding a couple of models to my ork army and expanding the collection to allow me to run the Feral Ork list.

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I picked up these great alternative models for use as Orkeosaurus from Eurka Mini in Australia From the pics you'll notice i dry bushed the lot as a start and then went ahead and fully painted one of them ready for basing, leaving just the other 4 to complete later in the week when I get back from work.

You may have already seen this one of the Eureka mini's getting epic big guns etc strapped to them.

A quick dry brush hits the metal

Base coat on the skin

working on the armour

Armours finished and the skin also

Last details and finally read for basing.

These guys are the project army for Heavy Bolter 2017 which is a tournament held in Ringwood, Victoria.
I'm looking forward to running the super aggressive list I've stolen from Steve Gibb ( D6addiction )

Cheers for stopping by for this quick update and I'll catch you guys later in the week.

Monday, 6 February 2017

CanCon 2017 Has Been Run & Won!

G'day everyone.

First up I need to apologise, I was having such a great time over the weekend that I completely forgot to take a bunch of photos...

(There is a shit ton of great photos over @ EpicAU)

Last weekend was an awesome experience to get back rolling dice and playing Epic Armageddon.
It had almost been 11 months since I'd last played which was a handful of games after last years CanCon, due to work but thankfully this year will settle down a bit and I am planning on attending pretty well all of the major events on the East Coast this year.

CanCon17 breezed past and as mentioned previously I ran the Gargants. it was a pretty hard list that I took and I felt a little guilty sometimes when I could clearly see my opponents frustration at times dealing with them and my dice rolls and luck were at an all time high over the weekend, on average I managed 11 power fields for my BTS who got through the weekend without actually dying.

Game One: Win 2-0 & 850 vs 312 points [vs. Space Marines]
 I played Tim Bolton. A great way to kick off the tournament, Tim's a regular face for CanCon and was running his Marines list After seizing the initiative Tim opened the game with a teleport with termies a super aggressive onslaught to follow with a bomb raid from marauders followed by an engagement with a thunderhawk filled with a tactical unit. Target was my supa stompa which he managed to break and cause 2DC of damage to. Thanks to several lucky rolls from myself it could have very easily wiped the stompa out. the rest of the game I think Tim suffered from not really being familiar with facing Gargants and was extremely cautious to preserve his formations, making the most of the terrain available.  I was just chasing annoying formations off objectives and at the end of turn 3 it was still a stalemate of 0-0 but in turn 4 I cleared some models off objectives and just scraped through to achieve the 2-0 [ T&H, DTF ]

Game Two:
Win (VP) 1-0 & 1825 vs 475   [vs. Space Marines]

I played Geoff Orton, One of the better EA generals, I've been wanting to get a game with after he was one of the many blokes who I spoke to initially about this thing called Epic Armageddon that came out of no where for Castle Assault 2014 that I was attending for the Warhammer Fantasy tournament and had no idea people were still playing Epic.
Geoff played his marines near perfectly and seeing him use marines, especially his list which had no WE's or MW, was a thing of beauty and a credit to his ability as a player. I have no doubts in my mind that It certainly would have been a win for Geoff had I not made the amount of  RA4+ saves that I managed during the game and crucial moments. even several fires I managed to put out that would have  otherwise seen me lose the normal Gargant in my list.
I lost my Supa Stompa and some fighta bombas.
The only VC I manged was BTS. Another game that went to turn 4 and I eventually only picked up the VP win. [BTS]

Game Three:
Loss (VC) 2-1  1050 vs 837 [vs. Iyanden]

I played Zac Manning or ''#"
Zac is switched as fuck when it comes to epic and with more experience I think he'll be a regular contender for podium finishers especially running more competitive armies. I can't fault his Iyanden list in anyway. I opened this game with a capitalisation on Zac's deployment, however it was a rather open table so he was forced to bunch up to make the most of cover, dropping 6BP hitting and clipping a bunch of formations from the Supa Stompa, However I didnt do a lot of damage considering it was a double and some of the formations I'd targeted were getting -1 cover bonus. It certainly put the pressure on a lot of formations having blast markers and actually broke his night spinner formation that was later wiped out by planes.
With the exception of my BTS, all other shield generation was relatively poor for this game which sped up the hurt. My BTS plonked himself on my T&H objective and did not budge.
Zac really laid the hurt in with his engagements and managed to kill both my supa stompa and gragant over a couple of activations. Jeez those Rev titans put down some hurt when they need to.
Late turn 3 I made some very costly mistakes which in both mine and Zacs opinions discussing post game I could have easily bumped the formations on my blitz off denying the BLITZ & T&H he was achieving. I felt pretty stupid after it was pointed out how easy it could have been, but lesson learned.
[BLITZ], [T&H] vs [T&H]

Game Four:
Win (VC) 4-0 [vs. 
Chirs Smith  2575  vs  75 

Chris has certainly come a long way since being introduce to Epic Armageddon approximately 12 months ago. His a great sport and is showing a lot of developing promise. Unfortunately it was a rough match up facing Gargants and the table was perfect for the Gargants to be effective. especially with a massive water feature splitting the table and lanes that really filtered Chris, unfortunately he left a couple of formations just within intermingle range which was a really risky move for myself to take as due to his numbers and ability to roll a ton of RA4+ I only ended up winning by 2 on resolution and then by 1 on the roll off. lucky! It left 2 of his big russ formations and a warhound broken which made doing damage exceptionally easy to broken minervan formations. It really set the standard for the game with the Gargants really having everything go their way. In saying that though Chris' last stand with his salamander units nearly saw it a 1-0 Win for the gargants pushing it to turn four, unfortunately this meant another onslaught from the gargants and many formations within engagement range.

This one wrapped up with :
 [T&H], [TSNP], [DTF], [BTS]

Game Five:
Draw 1-0 [vs. Viorla Tau]

Norto  725 vs 725

I've been looking forward to catching up for a game with Norto for a long while and unfortuantely this one was a bit of a fizzer.
Norto summed this one up pretty well in his post on the Taccoms tau thread.

"So much cover on this table. We did bugger all all game. He killed my AX10 from cap straight up so it was up to my spaceship doing 3dc. Fudd had a 3 fires i think for the game and put them out except 1 bugger 

Was an alright game. honestly i dont really enjoy playing gargants. it just my opinion. They jump on objectives and shoot or assault u if u try and take them and u have to try and take off 6-12 shields and get through 12 DC on the big guys with 4+ 4+. Anyway ended up a draw 0 - 1 take and hold to him."

Post CanCon hobby from here...
The ork bug has infected me once again and I'm looking to expand my orky horizons into the Feral Orks lists.
I picked up these great 10mm fantasy dinosaur whatsits from the Eureka Miniatures stand over the course of the CanCon weekend. I reckon they're going to make fantastic Orkeosaurus' as I plan to steal Steve Gibbs beautifully disgusting 15 Activation Feral Ork list that brings a grand old 5 fuck your day formations kitted out with orkeosaurus 

A Forge World Gargantuan squiggoth next to the alternative. I'm ashamed of what I paid for the gargantuan squiggoth. but with these alternatives coming in around the $13 each mark... You can't go wrong!

Fitting random Big Gunz to further orkie-fy them.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Project Gargant 2017, Good to go!

Project completed! - at least passable for now anyway.

Project get a bloody army done for CanCon has turned out to be a screaming success.

First, a look at the NetEA list I'm taking, This Gargant list has been in development for some time and Mordoten over at Taccoms has been sticking to it and getting shit done with development, I'm looking forward to using the list at CanCon 2017.

2 Soopa Zzap Gun, Mega Lobba, Mekboy Big Boss

2 Soopa Zzap Gun, Gatling Kannon

2 Soopagun, Grot Guided Missile

3 Soopagun, (Kustom) Extra Armour Bitz

6 Boyz, 2 Grotz, Big Gunz

3 Fighta-Bommers

3 Fighta-Bommers

As of writing this We're exactly a week out form the kick off of the event and this is quite literally the earliest I've finished an army for a tournament, The only thing remaining I'd like to get done is some highlights on the Ork Loota Boys, Lets get into the photos!

Full army shot

Bit of a closer look at the Loota Boyz

Completed Great Gargant

Fighta Bombers, using both GW original and Vanguard

Using this big fella as my Mekboy Great Gargant

Thanks for stopping by once again to check out my hobby progress for 2017,